Our Stay Ready units can be worn confidently without adhesives or sprays. Please know your proper head measurements and select correct size when ordering to ensure proper fitting. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are strictly enforcing our Final Sale refund policy. However, if you purchase a custom unit and are experiencing difficulties, we will do our best to make adjustments to assure your satisfaction with your design request.

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I Am Coach Dawn 2.0

Let’s Grow Together

“This is what Alignment looks like”

Amber S.

Very professional and welcoming. Makes you feel right at home and comfortable in your own skin. I love you, you made me feel so good about myself! Thank you so much.

Semico H.

No matter the situation, Mrs. Dawn can definitely be depended on for any occasion!

Sondra C.

What The Follicle Products and Express Beauty Bar never disappoints. Dawn’s expertise and customer service is par excellence!

Elley W.

Dawn cares about your hair. She does what is best for your hair not what you want! Healthy hair care. She even sells the products to keep your hair healthy when you can’t make it in COVID times.

Jaime N.

Have been using the growth system products for the last 3 months. Absolutely seeing the difference in my hair between washes (thanks to cleanser) and growth thanks to Boost. Just purchased my 1st wig. Dawn was very helpful throughout the whole process. I had a thousand questions and she took the time to answer all of them.

Jasmine S.