Do I need an appointment to install my custom unit?


No. Our units are ready to wear without needing an installation appointment or adhesives/sprays. Please be sure to order your correct size to ensure proper fitting.


How long does it take to create a custom unit?


Custom units require 14-21 business days to create. Your days start the next business day after your deposit and order form is received. 


Can I send in my own hair to create a custom unit?


Currently we only use our hair to create your desired look. This ensures that we create the perfect custom unit and we know the quality that we are offering. 


How much is the deposit for custom unit orders?


The deposit for  custom unit orders is 30% of the total cost of your unit. You must fill out an order form in order to determine order totals. Deposits are non refundable, so please be certain that you want the unit you are ordering. 


Can I change my order once I pay my deposit?


Once you have placed your order, the order is logged and cannot be adjusted. We request that you review the contents of your order before continuing to the payment section. Please see refund policy prior to switching your order.


Can I return a unit that I purchased if its the wrong size?

Unfortunately no. Due to COVID-19 regulations, we are unable to accept returns on all units. Please visit our social media pages for tutorials on how to properly measure your head to ensure proper fitting.



How long do I have to pick up my unit once its been maintenanced? 

Units should be picked up within 72 hours after we service  it. We will inform you via email, text or phone call, it's up to you how we would like to receive your unit. We offer concierge services and shipping as alternative methods as well. WE DO NOT STOCK WIGS IN OUR FACILITY!!! YOU WILL BE CHARGED $25 FOR STOCKING YOUR UNIT EVERY WEEK IF YOU DO NOT PICK YOUR UNIT UP WITHIN ALLOTTED TIME. 


Do you offer hair care services at WTF? 


Unfortunately no. If someone books for hair care services we will decline the appointment. 



How can I contact someone if I cannot find an answer to my question on the frequently asked page?


To contact a customer service representative, send an email at anytime. Please fill out the contact form and we will try to get back with you within 36-48 hours, if not sooner. Please list your phone number in the email. 


How do I proceed with any questions, compliments, or concerns about my order?


We prefer to take all questions, compliments, or concerns via email. It can be done by filling outa contact us form or using email @customersupport@whatthefollicle.com. and allow us to have something to reference when addressing your concerns. 


What do I do if my package says "delivered" , but I haven't received my order?


We will review your order and make sure there are no discrepancies and that your package went out routinely. In the event that we find no discrepancies, then we suggest that you contact USPS (United States Postal Service). Give them your tracking number and let them know you didn't receive your package even though USPS changed the status of your tracking to delivered. 


What if I receive my package and an item was missing? 

We will open an investigation. Please contact us by email as soon as you receive your package and notice that the item is missing. First, we check with the person who packaged your order to make sure they checked the contents were in fact in your package. Second, we then check inventory for an overage of the item. If step 1&2 show no discrepancies  we conclude our investigation by suggesting you contact the carrier USPS. If we find error in  1 and/or 2 during our investigation we will resend your item at no cost to you, and send you a discount code for your next purchase with us. Please allow 3 business days from the time you receive a confirmation email from us stating that we are investigating.



Can I modify the address once my order has been placed?


Yes. This type of adjustment is possible as long as the order has not yet been shipped. Please contact us as soon possible to notify us of the changes to your order. If your order goes out before you are able to contact us, please notify USPS and use the contact form online to notify us of the mistake. Please note we are not responsible for delays or items not being received due to incorrect address.


Is shopping online at your site secure?


Yes. Our shopping cart processes all information by using the latest SSL128-bit security technology.


Do you sell or trade any of my information?


Absolutely not. We do not sell, trade or share any of your information with anyone under any circumstances. Click Privacy policy to review our Privacy Policy.


Is it possible to get same day delivery?


No. However, products that are in stock on our website can be picked up same day.


Where does my product ship from?


Dayton, Ohio


How long does shipping take?


You can receive your package anywhere between 3-7 business days after placing your order unless otherwise stated in the product description. THIS ONLY INCLUDES CUSTOM UNITS AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN CREATED AND YOU HAVE RECEIVED TRACKING INFORMATION. 


Who is my packaged shipped through?


Your package will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail.


How can I track my order?


You will receive a shipping notification via email that will notify you of s tracking number to track your package. Please note if you don’t receive tracking info it’s possible that you may have put in the wrong email address. Please use the contact form to notify us. 


Can I return for a store credit?


Yes, as long as its returned within our allowed 10 days for returns. You have 10 days after you receive your item(s). Please notify us first by email including your order number to notify us you would like to make a return. We only do store credits for custom units. If there is abalone for the new purchase, the customer is responsible foe the balance. We do not refund shipping charges. The unit must be approved by our staff before we off a store credit. PLEASE REVIEW ALL REFUND, RETURN POLICIES, AND CUSTOM UNIT POLICIES before purchasing from us.